COE result for 2015 April enrollment disappointed Nepalese students

Today immigration result for the certificate of eligibility application came up. Truly the result was very disappointing specifically for Nepalese students.


Since last year, the acceptance rate for COE for Nepalese has been decreasing rapidly as the number of Nepalese applicants has dramatically increased.

The acceptance COE rate for Nepalese applicants was only 30% this time. The reason of decline was all about the skeptical financial documents(4K).

Through this result, in my own point of view, I would say that immigration does not believe in any Nepalese made documents at all without exception, so now immigration is able to refuse all applicants from Nepal in excuse of their financial documents.

But that is too obvious to do so, they try to pick up some real motivated students with solid educational background.

Now for Japanese language schools like us, it is getting riskier to accept Nepalese students and we need to come up with some possible solutions for this matter.


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  1. Yes..but every Nepal applicant bank balance is almost the same..between 2,000,000yen – 3,000,000yen. It is really strange. Normally it happnes somebody has 2,500,000yen and another person has 10,000,000yen. I mean ‘ another country’s case ‘ Of course the immigration bureau think this must not be a normal soituation, maybe some brokers make forged bank balance certificates for them

    • That’s also true and this applies to most south Asian applicants such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar. And this is also questionable that most of them show pretty frequent bank transactions even the bank transaction for business isn’t that common in those countries. Moreover we can see a lot of mistakes in spelling and calculation in their documents.

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