How to say “Tired” in Japanese, two different ways to say btw Tokyo and Osaka

When we say “I’m tired” in Japanese, we say “Tsukareta” or “Tsukaremashita” a little politely. These are standard Japanese mainly used in Tokyo. And when we ask somebody “Are you tired?”, we say “Tsukareta?”, or “Tsukare mashitaka?” politely saying. Unlike English grammar, we use “tired” as a verb, and the present tense of “tired” is “Tsukareru” and the past tense is “Tsukareta”. So we say “it is tiring”, “tsukareru” and “I’m tired”, tsukareta.

On the other hand in Kansai area including Osaka, “Shindoi” is mainly used to say “I’m tired”. And there are no such difference between, “It’s tiring” and “I’m tired”. Both we say “Shindoi”. So when people in Kansai say “I’m tired”, they say it like “Meccha shindoi wa” or “Ah shindo” which also means “It bothers me”.

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