How to say “Don’t!!” in Japanese, two different ways to say btw Tokyo and Osaka

When you wanna say “No! You can’t”,

or “Don’t do that!”,

you can say “Dame!” in Japanese.


This word is widely used in Japan,

and all Japanese would understand.


But there’s another common way to say “Don’t!”

is “AKAN!”.

This is mainly used by people from Osaka,

and other western areas of Japan.


Using western Japanese phrases are

nowadays getting a bit popular especially in Tokyo,

or on TV.

Because it sounds a bit unique,

and some people even think

that using western Japanese language is kind of cool.


But as a Kansaijin which indicates a person

originally born in a western area of Japan,

it sounds very strange to hear

that people from other areas use our Kansai dialect.


It’s just like americans use British accent.

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