Tuition Fees and Refund Policy

Long course

COE Application Entrance Fee Facility Tuition TOTAL
6 months 20,000 Yen 56,000 Yen  40,000 Yen 300,000 Yen 416,000 Yen
9 months 20,000 Yen 56,000 Yen 60,000 Yen 450,000 Yen 586,000 Yen
1 year 20,000 Yen 56,000 Yen 80,000 Yen 600,000 Yen 756,000 Yen

Art Class(extra)

3 mo 108,000 Yen
6 mo 216,000 Yen

Short course

Registration Fee Tuition Text Book TOTAL
4 wk 30,000 Yen 40,000 Yen 10,000 Yen 80,000 Yen
8 wk 30,000 Yen 80,000 Yen 10,000 Yen 120,000 Yen
12 wk 30,000 Yen 120,000 Yen 10,000 Yen 160,000 Yen

Refund Policy

MIDREAM must be notified in writing about any changes or withdrawals. In all cases, the Application Fee and Accommodation Placement Fee are non-refundable. Refunds to students who enrolled through a representative must be collected from the representative. MIDREAM cannot be responsible for any additional fees charged by local agents.

DENIED VISA: Students to whom admittance to Japan has been refused are entitled to a refund of all prepaid fees, except for the Application and Accommodation Placement Fees. Students must notify the school in writing and return the original Letter of Acceptance and original letter of denial from the Japan embassy authorities.

Once the course is commenced, all fees for the next 3 months are NOT refundable.
Students must respect the school’s regulations. Students who are absent from more than 50% of their classes may be dismissed from the school without refund.