Pre-College Course

Students learn basic Japanese knowledge for their life in Japan as well as academic language skills to pass the exam. From the second year, students start focusing on each goal University and work on the exam preparation.

Art Course

Very special course to enter Art University. A bit of drawing experience and N3(JLPT) language level is required to take this program. If student’s language skill is less than requirement, we provide general Japanese class as a preparation.

General Course

Learn everything you need to start living and working in Japan. Not only language but we offer various cultural lessons. Best way to learn language fast is to get involved in the culture.

Private Course

Learn Japanese language in the most efficient way taking advantage of one to one lessons. Before starting lessons, we learn student’s needs and design very special curriculum only for the student.

Career Bridge Course

The collaboration course of Midream School of Japanese Language and 3e Inc. the networking company in Tokyo. This course leads students a direct path to get employed in Tokyo Japan as a permanent worker in Japan.

Tuition Fees

w. Student Visa

COE Application Entrance Fee Facility Tuition TOTAL
6 mo 20,000 Yen 50,000 Yen 30,000 Yen 300,000 Yen 400,000 Yen
9 mo 45,000 Yen 450,000 Yen 565,000 Yen
1 yr 60,000 Yen 600,000 Yen 730,000 Yen

+ Art Class

3 mo 70,000 Yen
6 mo 140,000 Yen

w. NON Student Visa

Registration Fee Tuition TOTAL
4 wk 15,000 Yen 42,000 Yen 57,000 Yen
8 wk 84,000 Yen 99,000 Yen
12 wk 115,000 Yen 130,000 Yen