Art Course

Japanese language + Art classes

For Japanese learners interested in drawing

Art course at Midream offers both Japanese language classes and art classes. If you are a Japanese language learner interested in drawing, our art course would be the perfect choice for your study in Japan. The course is available for students at any levels in Japanese and drawing.

For art university applicants

Art course at Midream offers an intensive program for art university applicants. In this case, these students go through the program designed for university exams that includes an interview, basic drawing technics and basic academic knowledge.

Art Course 02

List of Universities from Midream in 2016

Tokyo University of Arts 2
Tama art University 12
Musashino Art University 10
Tokyo Polytechnic University 3
Joshibi University of Art and Design 8
Osaka University of Arts 2
Other Art Universities 5

Art Class 03

Class schedule A

Japanese class 9.00am to 12.30pm
Art class 1.25pm to 4.45pm

Class schedule B

Japanese class 1.25pm to 4.45pm
Art class 5.00pm to 7.15pm

Required skills

Japanese\Drawing Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Beginner Only if Only if Only if
Intermediate OK OK OK
Advanced OK OK OK
Only if the one is capable enough to understand the English instruction.

Program fees 2017

Regular tuition + 108,000Yen ( per 3 months