Enrollment and COE application

Application schedule

Enrollment Deadline COE Result
Jul. 2017 closed May 25 2017
Oct. 2017 May 26 2017 Aug. 24 2017
Jan. 2018 Sep 5 2017 Nov. 9 2017
Apr. 2018 Nov. 14 2017 Feb. 22 2018

Application Forms Download

1. Application form (PDF)
2. CV (PDF)
3. Financial Support Statement (PDF)

Fill out those 3 forms and send the scan copy to the following email.

Online/Tele Interview

If the documents seem okay, you will receive your interview date either online or telephone. The interview takes only 10 minutes.

Send original documents by courier

You will be required to send documents requested

Send to:
Midream School of Japanese Language
Admission Office
Ad. 2-7-11 Hyakunincho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0073 JAPAN
Ph. +81-3-3368-4931

Enrollment without COE application

Online Application Form

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