Traits of Tokyo people

If you are curious about people in Tokyo, what they look like and how they think and behave. Well, most people living in Tokyo are not originally from Tokyo, they are mostly migrants from other regions.

Edokko – the original Tokyo residents

Original Tokyo people are called Edokko. This derived from Edo period and the time when Tokyo area was called Edo which had lasted until 1868. They were short tempered and compassionate. But we don’t see those original Edo type of people nowadays.

New Tokyo people

New Tokyo people are as I mentioned, mostly migrants from other regions but their personality often changes through their life in Tokyo. In other words, Tokyo changes people.

Tokyo is very busy city. People wouldn’t care about others. Most residents of Tokyo are intensively individualists. People even wouldn’t know who lives next door.

Even they look friendly at first sight, they are careful of building relationships because they wouldn’t open their mind so easily. In other words, they are very conservative.

Especially people of Tokyo migrated from countryside of Japan tend to become snobbish. This is one of the typical traits of them.

On the other hand, people originally born in Tokyo look social especially at first sight. In fact, a lot of them are good at making casual relationships. But in the same time they seem to have transparent barrier around them so that they can keep relationships casual, not intense.

So those people who would prefer efficiency than compassionism fit in with Tokyo. You can check yourself what region of Japan you might fit in!!

Let’s check what type of Japanese you are!

What region of Japan do you fit in?

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