Student Services

Student Services

Part Time Job Support

We support students to find their part time jobs. Most students find a job within 1 or 2 months after arriving in Japan. The common jobs for students are room making jobs, building maintenance jobs, factory work and restaurant server. Student earn 1,000 Yen per hour and 100,000 to 120,000 Yen per month in avarage. Student's working hour is limited by law upto 28 hours a week. This is not enough to cover all the living expenses in Tokyo and most of the time students need to get support from their parents or sponsors.


Variuous registrations for your life in Japan

Followings are the list of what students need to register right after their arrival in Japan. If any help is needed, school will guide students to get every legal document work done well.

Residence Card Pick up at the immigration gate in airport
Temporary Work Permit  Get a stamp on your residence card at the immigration gate
Address Registration Register at the closest city office
Health Insurance 70% of medical fee will be covered (City Office)
Stamp Get a stamp which is used as your signature in Japan
Bank Account Open an account at a Jp postbank
Mobile Phone School can provide an iPhone. (about 7,000 Yen per month)