Education philosophy

Midream School of Japanese Language is comitted to develop human resources who are able to adopt in japenese society and play active role

Compatible in Japanese Society
Japanese Language School is the entrance gate to enter in Japanese Society.In this language school not only the japanese Language but it also teaches and develops customs,manners and ideas for to adapt in Japanese Society.

To achieve this Midream school uses its original can-do list which helps them to engage in their daily learning and be aware to achieve their goals.

Human resources who can play active role
In order to survive and be active in japanese Society, "independence", " self-help" and "self-reliant" is important.
1. Independence - Tackle the thing with owns strength
2. Self-reliant - Rely on one's ppowers and resources rather than those of others
3. Self-help - Use of one's efforsts and resoruces to achieve things without relying on others

By achieving these three, one will be able to independently work on various things including learning and also will be the power to tackle and survie in Japanese society