ART Class

Japanese Art University

Oral Communication Skill

Is the purpose and situation accurately expressed?

Expression Skill

Is this a idea good?


Do you have your own originality?

Discription Power

Have the power of technology to capture composition,shape.light,volume and space?

Ability of understanding

Have ability of understanding the intent of questions?


How is the finish ,is it excellent and polite?

The above skills are recocnized, no evaluation will be done if the subject is copied only.


A familier teacher
「A friendly and familier teacher」is the big feature of Midream School.
In the art class not only the art teacher but there will also be japanese language teacher.
Please consult about anything regarding japanese language, living in japan as well as about art class.

Sold Instructions
Our school has established reputation in the guidance and instructions for the students in easy way.
「A familier and friendly teacher」will teach very carefully and in easy way.
In addition Midream also gives special guidance for the interviews and presentations.

Guidance for applying in Art Universities.
One cannot pass the Art University just by making good things.
Explanation power regarding the things that has been maed in japanese language is also necessary.
The merit of Art classes in Midream School is it gives intrusctions and guidance for preparation of examination in Art Universities

Respect Students will
Midream wants to be that place where one can make is dream come true.
Midream guides the students repecting students will and helps them to fulfill their dream and to study their desired subject.

Students from other schools also can attend
Students besides Midream school also can attend



  • Basic Drawing
  • Object at rest
  • Drawing that correspondence to the desired major subject

Can gain the ability the skills of drawings.

Classes that trains about drawing skills are often interpreted as artistic skills However,its starts with the everyday interests and concerns to develop the power to understand and obeseve the object

There fore in the curriculu, Midream will step into the creativity of each students and give guidance from the perspective,way of thinking and point of view.

Colour composition, design (Plane configuration ,3D configuration)

  • Basic Practices
  • Composition using motifs,abstract expression
  • Drawing that correspondence to the desired major subject

The colour composition also requires drawing ability.In addition the elements such as clour knowledge ,screen composition , idea ect are also required.
Japanese Art college exams vary from year to year.This is because of the changing of the social progress and requirments.In particular, ideas tend to be emphasized. Insted of giving the very commong results one must come up with the ideas that are original and responsive to the time.
For that it is necessary to have a sense and power of analyzing and digesting various types of informations is required.
Midream helps to grab that power.

Guidance in Work file Production

Some departments imposes to submit Files. In case of “drawing, colour composition”only summarization of drawings that have been drawn in regular classes are ok. In case of “the work made in past two years” , if there is then it can be submitted,but if there isn’t then it must be made.
“Does the current activity so far match the activity you want to do in the future”. The fun of the work. The layout oof the file will be evaluated.
Proper guidence corresponding to these.

Guidance for interview and essay writing.

In the interview…………
In the interview it is checked ” if your purpose and vision “are clear or not.
Reason to choose the University, subject and course.Reason to choose Japan for further study.Future plan etc.
So it is important to prepare for all these questions.
For that Midream will help find the desired university.

In the essay…………
The essay requires “whether things are considered logically”, “Analyttical ability”, ” knowledge of the field and originilaty of text”
First its important to learn about the document structure and write a lot. As with practival skills, it is neessary to have a sense obtaining information, analyzing, and understanding.

Japanese instruction
It is very important to tell about your work in Japanese Language, such as at your good points and weak points.
Not only Art teachers but there are Japanese teachers also in Midream Art class. Together they form a team to provide good guidance.
Instruct students to use onomatopoeia in sentences.The major feature of the Art class in Japanese Language school is it provides the guidance and instruction for taking an entrance examination in Art Universities.