Admission policy


Midream School heartly welcomes those students who want to learn from themselves,resonating with the educational philosophy.
Our School not only gives importance to desk learners, but also emphasize students who wants to learn and understand the tradition and culture of Japan.Midream School is waiting for highly motivated people who not only improve their Japanese language skills but also grow up as a human.

Basic Policy for Entrance Examination and Class division

In entrance examination, Midream test test the basic Japanese ability and general knowledge.The basic skills of Japanese range from hiragana and katakana alphabets to intermediate grammer and vocabulary.
In the composition problem, questions are given including current affairs.
The school's class division is focused on output,and even those students who have excellent grades in their home countries will enter the beginner's class if they do not have output skills in writing.
However ,Midream school has a system that can provide and class-up test every month for students who are eager to improve their skills.
General education issues range from basic English, mathematics and social questions to practical questions.However this doesnt't directly reflects the class division but helps for career decision and examination guidance.
Not only to obtain good mraks in examination but also to improve good communication as well as social knowledge that can be used in higher education institutions.

Curriculum Policy

The first year of Language will highly nourish the basic Japanese Language.
In second year , classes are organized so that students can acquire Japanese Language skills and practical skills.
Providing educational contents that is specific to the desired course has been highly effective

For vocational college preparation class "Training communication skills"
For graduation preparation class "Training for developing liberal arts and logical thinking ability"
For University preparation class " the curriculum is structured with an emphasis on cultivating the ability to conduct academic reasearch"

And in every class it teaches to be consious and to understand "Japanese Culture and Japanese way of thinking"