Greeting from Principal

Turning point of Japanese Language School
From "Learn" to "Want to learn"

Midream School Of Japanese School is established in 1985 in okubo,Shinjuku,Tokyo Since the opening , Midream have specialized in education for higher education institutions in Japan

Midream mainly focus to build the habit of self-study .It depends on this initiative about your success in student life.
Studyig unwillingly doesn't give good result.When you want to learn ,your attitude toward learining changes and you can see the essence of learning. And learning efficiency can be dramatically imporved by proactively studying and you will know the wonderness and joy of learning.

In order to acquire this our schol has set educational goal of "independence, self-reliant,self-help" Accomplishing these three "self" you will acquire an independence in learning which greatly contribute to engage in daily education routine。

April 2019
Midream School of Japanese Language